Why Can’t You Stay?

Fall Trees and PippinDespite the drought we are having here in California the colors of Fall have still managed to find their way all around us! I cannot express how enjoyable it is to find myself looking at all the vibrant variety of colors while on my weekly runs on the trails in Rancho Cordova. I just started back out again to get back into my exercise routine and I was reminded why I enjoy running so much. I don’t proclaim to be an athlete by any means, but I do believe that anyone who can get out and walk this time of year receives an added benefit of the fall scenery. Around this time last year I was really struggling with serious back pain and weight, barely able to walk without feeling pain. Thankfully my husband and I decided to take action a year ago and now take better care of ourselves. So for now I consider myself to be blessed with better health and flexibility. I just wish Fall could stay all year long!