Timing Is Everything

Horse Jumping at Fresno Horse Park
This weekend I took some time out to attend some of the horse events going on at the Fresno Horse Park. I have a friend whose daughter was competing and I wanted to get a couple of pictures of her. But while I was there I really wanted to practice up on my timing for horse jumping events. Yeah I know I have a pretty nice camera and a fast lens, but just because someone has a nice, fast car doesn’t mean they know how to drive it, right? And just to prove to myself it didn’t matter what camera I used, I took a few with my micro 4/3 Olympus OM-D E-M1. My E-M1 is really fast, faster than my Canons as far as frames per second go, but it doesn’t have the same continuous focus capabilities that my Canon has. There are many more differences, but bottom line it has a different timing sensation and I wanted to play with all that.

Buckskin Horse Jumping
All I can say is I had so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the competitors and they were of all different ages. Horses of all different breeds, heights, sizes, skills and personalities. I can see it in each one of them. Each of them requiring an amount of analysis to determine the correct timing for them together with the timing of my cameras. Plus the riders were all different. It was awesome!!

Bay Horse Jump
My goal for the pictures was trying to get both knees of the horse at the highest point of the jump and with the back hind legs off the ground (if the jump was high enough). Sometimes I nailed it and other times it was either a little too soon or a little too late. After awhile of over and over again I got a feeling for it all. But sometimes the horse was just at an awkward position to the jump or the fence was just too low to get the back feet just off the ground with the knees still being at the highest point of the jump.

Medium Horse Jump
Bottom line I had a really good time with my cameras and the competitors. Just being around these beautiful and powerful animals is always so enjoyable.

White Horse Jump
Sometimes I just took photographs of horses and riders because I loved how they looked.

Cross Country HorseHorses Jumping Over Log

Running Bay HorseGorgeous Buckskin

Below is my friend’s daughter.

I guess I should share with you a couple photos I took with my Olympus  OMD E-M1.  It’s such a cool little camera, although I did use the 40-150mm lens.  I mention that only because with that lens attached it does make it more than just a pocket camera, but still nothing in comparison to my big Canon cameras.

Horse Jumping and the Olympus
Just like in life, timing really is everything.