Selfishly Wanting Sacramento Sunshine

Bella enjoying the sun on her chair.

This past month or so has been a bit of a challenge trying to schedule photo sessions. The outdoors is my studio and with all the rain recently I’ve had to rearrange schedules more than once! Yes, yes I know that we need the rain and I am truly grateful for its presence, but I also love the comfort of the gentle sunshine on my face. I can’t help it. I’m no fan of scorching hot summer rays, but when the temperature is just right and the plants and trees are adequately quenched by nature, the soft kisses from the sun setting is simply irresistible.  This is particularly the case when we’ve had several days in a row of rain! I know it’s such a stupid little thing to complain about, but I’m not really complaining. I’m just voicing a little frustration. Don’t you see? I feel better already. Besides, I’m only human and it all started when I stopped long enough to take a long look at this photo of little 11 lb. Bella.

Bella behind bushes with backlight from the sun.

Bella was full of energy at the beginning of the evening I took these photos just a few weeks ago. A super, curious nose-to-the-ground tiny little girl. I’d been carefully watching the sunsets a week prior to our session, which was a reschedule due to weather by the way.  She was all over the place! I was hoping that by positioning her inside something that seemed more confining and secure would make my job even just a little easier for but a small moment. It was magical! She really seemed to enjoy sitting in the toddler chair while the sunshine blanketed her tiny body.

Bella on her chair graciously posing.From that point on she was the perfect little dog model, happily being herself at a pace that was a little less challenging to work with than when we first started.  Usually if pets get a good walk or a little exercise before a session, it really makes my job (and the job of the pet parent) a little easier for creating portraits, but I was very pleased that we managed to get some really nice images of Bella.

Bella with white flowers

Bella looking directly at the camera

Bella looking over shrub

Bella's CloseupBella is available for adoption through the Cavalier Rescue.