Snowshoeing in South Lake Tahoe

It’s a small closet, but still bigger than my husband, Tom’s. Nothing like a fancy walk-in but it serves its purpose. Despite the size I still had to pull out the larger stepping stool to reach the top shelf and pull out the big bag filled with my snow clothes. I’m always hopeful my winter sports clothing from the year before still fit like they should or it ends up being a trip to REI and another addition to the annual bag. It has been several years since I went snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. I never did get into downhill skiing. I tried it once and found myself in the middle of what felt like I was the star of a Saturday morning cartoon. Needless to say I never went back again. But snowshoeing? Yeah, I can do that. Not only can I do it, I really enjoy it! It’s the perfect winter “sport” for this clumsy girl.

South Lake Tahoe

With the bag pulled from the shelf, I tossed all the clothing on the bed. I went through everything pulling out all the necessities needed to dress in layers in order to keep warm while still allowing myself the option of peeling off clothing if I get too hot. I know I always over analyze everything, but fortunately for me my friend and fellow photographer MaryAnn is an experienced outdoors person. I rely on her expertise for exploring the outdoors. It was with her and another friend that I spent the day when I captured these images.

Textures in snow

Shores of South Lake Tahoe
We left fairly early in the morning and drove up Highway 50 heading towards Camp Richards in the Sierra Nevadas. The road was actually pretty clear, but the traffic was a bit ugly. We did see a little avalanche just past Echo Summit that ended up blocking a lane just as we were driving by, but fortunately we didn’t get caught up in it. It took us about three hours to get there, but it was all well worth the trip!

Driving Highway 50

Lake Tahoe Dock

Ice on Lake Tahoe Log

Ice on South Lake Tahoe Shore
I realized when I was there, that there are vacation rentals right along the shore that you can rent. How fun that would be to spend a week’s vacation up there!

Vacation Rental

South Lake Tahoe Rental

Skiing South Lake Tahoe

Now that I’ve been to the snow at least once this year I feel like I’ve taken advantage of being able to experience the beauty of the Winter season here in California. If you’ve never explored the Sierra Nevada’s or visited South Lake Tahoe in the Winter, I highly recommend it.  Even if it’s just for the day.