Paul McCartney at Sacramento’s New Golden 1 Center

Paul McCartney ConcertLast night we attended Paul McCartney’s ‘One on One’ tour at Sacramento’s new Golden 1 Center. It was a lot of fun despite our seats being way in the back because the music totally rocked the house! Just to hear him speak was super cool and exciting! Traffic wasn’t too bad (but it wasn’t good either) considering we arrived early to grab some tacos (National Tacos Day) and drinks at El Rey on K before walking to the center.  As far as parking I can’t state since we used Uber to travel to and from the event.

Getting in was pretty easy with multiple lines for the usual bag search and body scan before getting to the actual ‘ticket master.’ Plenty of security around before, during and after. Our seats were very comfortable, but if anyone had to go in or out for any reason, everyone in that person’s path to the aisle needed to stand up to let them pass.  Also, if you’re tall or have longer than average legs you’ll have an even tighter fit than the we had.  If I had to choose seats again I would choose seats on the outside. Personally I prefer the feeling of not being trapped in the middle.  Food inside was expensive (as expected), but man everything looked good! Food lines were long, but nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected if you’ve ever been to any Kings game.  Coming out of the building after the concert I felt like one of the Minions so gather a little patience for that trek at least until you leave the building.  Except for some minor, expected inconveniences, we had a fabulous time and we’ll be going again in a couple weeks and I can’t wait!

Golden 1 Center

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Paul McCartney FinaleComing Out of Golden One Center