Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

It was a dark, early morning and the streets of San Francisco were totally empty. Not a soul in sight. I made my way through the streets in my car listening and following my GPS guide. It was eerie and like being in some apocalyptic movie.  But it wasn’t a movie. Riding along with me was my friend Robin. I decided that on New Year’s Day, 2017 I was going to capture one of California’s monumental structures located in San Francisco at night.  Because of the early morning hour, we were able to capture some night, twilight, and daytime photos all in one trip.

Palace of Fine Arts at Night

Here it is captured at night with my Fujifilm X-T2 mounted with the xf10-24mmf4 lens. I have lived in California my entire life and I had never visited until now. It’s definitely a ‘must see’ as stated by Josh of California Through My Lens.

Palace of Fine Arts at Twilight
Here is what it looks like at twilight. And just so you know, because it’s a New Year I decided that I would start exploring the world around me. But because I’m a bit of dreamer, a lot of thoughts and ideas run through my head with rarely any actions to follow and actually implement anything. But this year I decided is going to be different.  Inspired by more talented creatives I could list in this post via Good Inc., I have committed myself to journaling some of my experiences.  The hope is to force myself into action where I’ve only ‘thought’ about in my head. The Palace of Fine Arts was one of those places.

Palace of Fine Arts on New Year's Day
Here it is after the sun came up and a few clouds rolled in.

Palace of Fine Arts ArchBird on Palace of Fine Arts

If you visited this post, I hope you enjoy the photos and get a chance to visit the Palace of Fine Arts in person if you haven’t already done so.