Family Photographs With Pets

Family Photograph With Pets

I recently photographed a dog named Buddy along with his family. It’s true that I am selective with the families I agree to photograph and not easily impressed. My photographic focus is truly on pet photography and mostly on pets and their pet parents. But you should know that I SO much enjoyed working with this entire clan! Taking their family photographs in Folsom was SO much fun for me!

Dog named Buddy in Foslom

It’s important for me to click with people if I’m going to work with them. That’s just how I am. And if I don’t feel we would be a good fit in order to capture the images they want, I am always happy to refer them to other photographers I feel would more likely give them the results they want. It is just as much about them as it is for me.

Sister photography in Folsom

Dog on log in FolsomTwo images of Buddy near log in Folsom CA

Family portrait in Folsom CA

Two images of Buddy on benchFamily portrait of family in Folsom on benchIMAGE-53Buddy walking



As for this family, well I felt especially grateful and honored to have been asked.