Castello di Amorosa : Napa Valley

I love Castello di Amorosa! This Napa Valley winery is unique from other California wineries in that it looks like a real medieval castle!  Anyone who really knows Tom or I, know that we love castles. It’s kind of one of those things that always brings us together. We’ve even visited castles in far away places, but didn’t realize we had one right in our own backyard!  So when I saw the highlight on California castles from @VisitCalifornia at ( I was intrigued.

Castello di AmorosaFor our experience, we opted for their Royal Food and Wine guided tour which led us to the Royal Apartments for some indulgence with food and wine. Many thanks to Mary Davidek, our guide who was extremely knowledgeable, talented and just plain fun!  There were lots of people visiting that day and the tours are limited to a comfortable number of people in each group. They do offer different tours.

Castella di Amorosa

Some might be concerned for it’s “touristy” feel because of all the visitors, but we didn’t feel that way at all. There was so much room to roam and we visited during the end of February, assuming it’s not during the peak visiting season.  However, it might be different during the summer months so I would simply recommend visiting during non-summer months only if that concerns you.  I’m not comfortable in crowds, but I never felt uncomfortable at any time while we were there.  That being said, I really hyper focused and was totally enamored by the architecture and all things medieval.

My final thought is this is definitely a ‘must see’ even if you don’t drink! Take a date, dress up if you want. But if you do enjoy fine wine, I have no doubt you will find a wine that pleases your palate.