All About Equine :: Boss and Banjo Arrive

Boss in trailer

Last weekend we had two new arrivals at All About Equine Animal Rescue (AAE).  One Arabian horse named “Boss” and another gorgeous fellow that took my breath away when I saw his eyes, “Banjo.”  The moment my eyes saw his it kind of reminded me of the moment in high school so many years ago when I was a freshman.  That varsity football player I remember who was leaned up against the wall in one of the main halls on my first day of high school.  He had the most amazingly unique green eyes that grabbed my attention and made my heart stop but for a moment.  Banjo doesn’t have green eyes, but an amber color that struck me as incredibly unique causing me to react in much of the same way.

Banjo Coming Off Trailer

I’ve been doing volunteer work with All About Equine for over a year now and one of the many, many reasons I so enjoy being a volunteer is being able to see the incredible work they are doing in the community.  I think that although they are a horse rescue organization, the work that they do also provides a service to people in the community.  In addition to saving slaughter-bound horses, they have also taken on horses that have been previously owned by people that have found themselves in situations where they have been unable to provide proper care and treatment at no fault of their own.  It is disheartening to sometimes see, but I feel it is a reminder to have compassion for both animals and people.  You never know when a person needing help could end up being our biggest supporter later on down the road.

banjo-2Boss and Banjo are referred to by All About Equine as “[voluntarily] relinquished by owner” and I am very much looking forward to seeing what these two will look like in the near future after they receive proper care, nourishment and treatment, which I imagine will be a relief to the owner(s).


Boss (left) has such a sweet face and disposition.

bossbodyHe even posed for me perfectly to ensure I got his best side.



In addition to proper nutrition, appropriate hoof care I’m sure is definitely on the planned agenda for treatment.

Long HoofsAs I described earlier, Banjo completely distracted me with his eyes.


But he still manage to provide the perfect pose.


Did I mention his eyes?


As of now these two are still under evaluation, but for more information about Boss or Banjo, please visit the website for All About Equine at or their Facebook.  You may also send an email to