A Walk Among Gentle Giants


Imagine feeling the ground slightly shake just under your feet and knowing it’s not an earth quake.  Then imagine feeling a breeze lift the ends of your hair with the sound of faraway thunder as you watch giant horses go by pulling a large wagon with such ease and grace.  Well, that’s what you’ll see and feel if you ever find yourself at the Nevada County Draft Horse Classic.


This weekend I experienced a fun, family place to go with an opportunity to photograph some of these gentle giants with all their cool gear!  Because I’ve started collecting reference images for future paintings I was very much interested in getting some of these gorgeous creatures!  A friend of mine told me about this event last year and because this year I was there helping with the AAE  booth I decided to walk around and participate in the event after my shift.


There were lots of vendors offering all sorts of goodies for sale ranging from leather purses, beautiful jewelry, art, food, and a long list of things for the kids.  And because the occurrence of the Draft Horse Classic is combined with their Harvest Fair I found hanging around lots of scarecrows, pumpkins, decorated wagon wheels, beautiful flowers and arrangements, puppets, arts and crafts and a whole lot more!


But of course the part that I enjoyed the most was simply seeing the draft horses!


I found it to be quite entertaining watching them get cleaned up and groomed.   Check out the blow dryer.


And despite the size of these creatures, it was quite evident (at least to me) by the energy level I felt walking through the barn areas and stalls that they really are gentle.  I wasn’t able to go down a single aisle of stalls without seeing at least one them either receiving or soliciting a scratch behind the ears.


I left feeling happy and pleased that my weekend ended with my head filled with images like these.